New Literature of the Counter Culture

Paul Joseph Watson, a popular conservative YouTube personality, recently claimed and hashtagged the idea that “conservatism is the new counter culture” — and he’s not wrong.

The “counter culture,” according to Collins English Dictionary, is defined as “an alternative culture, deliberately at variance with the social norm.” What’s the social norm today? Liberalism. Globalism. Progressivism (of the twentieth century, see: Margaret Sanger, Benito Mussolini, and literally Hitler [Syrios]).

So, no, the “counter culture” no longer describes the existentialists, the feminists, or baby-boomer hippies of the 1960s. It describes the culture and beliefs of those who grew up in their post-modern Western world of amorality, self-proclaimed victimhood (of what, we wonder, if there is no objective right or wrong), and shoddily-veiled Marxism.

This week I stumbled upon a video uploaded by Jordan Peterson, a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto most recently well-known for his refusal to subscribe to the idea that gender is a subjective “social construct,” his forefront philosophy being that of free speech.

In the video, Peterson reacts to the recent passing of a Canadian “anti-Islamophobia” law (M103). And this is a poem, people. This is real emotion, real concern, and real questioning about a man’s place and ability to speak freely (and incredibly intellectually) in a less-than-free society. Don’t know a lot about the realities of the beliefs of Islam? I recommend you do a little research and then check out the video below.

This is literature of the counter culture.

“Have I crossed the line?”


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