A Manifesto

So here’s where I’m at:

I just moved into the Tiny House that my husband I built over the course of two years. Parts of it are still works in progress, but who’s home isn’t? We live in a rural area of coastal Virginia, surrounded by horses, bean fields, and a wildlife refuge.

I’ve always wanted to have my own garden, grow my own food, make my own soap, and milk my own cow — and I still don’t have those things, but I’m closer than ever. But once I achieve them  . . . will I even know where to begin?

Even if I only had a brussel sprout garden . . . I would be so happy . . .


Here’s my plan:

This blog, and the journey you follow along with me, will record my adventure of getting married (and how to plan it simply and on a budget), decorating a 250 square-foot home, and Paleo recipes for two (oh, is goat cheese not Paleo?) that we’ve found or created and loved. Not only does this sharpen my writing skills, it provides me a small platform for what I love, even more than soft cheese, nuance, and IKEA — short fiction.

Here’s what’s in it for you:

Ever wanted to build your own house on wheels? I’ll show you! Maybe I’ll even write a book about it 😉  (but seriously, there’s a lot to it, I may link to my husband’s Youtube for that one). Ever wanted to make your own shampoo, but more interested in seeing if it looks weird when someone else does it? Ever wanted to vicariously experience using a compost toilet? (I promise it’s not just a Port-o-Potty) — here, let me explain . . .

Check out Tiny Writing to read more of my completed and in-progress works and follow my blog to find out what Tiny Living is all about!


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