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(Is it just me, or is grid paper the best?)

So you’ve heard of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) — what about #OneMonthOneStory?

Probably not — I just made it up. (It’ll be a hashtag sensation, soon, just wait.)

As some of us may know, NaNoWriMo can be brutal and life gets busy. After a few years of trying, I think it’s time to admit to myself that I can’t write a novel in a month — even if it’s just a rough draft. But what about . . . one story? That seems a bit more appealing.

So once a month, on the last day of the month (beginning February twenty-eighth), I’m going to publish one short story through Google Drive and keep the document open for two weeks — that way, if you read the story and hate it . . . let me know! Think it ends on a flat note? What do you think should happen instead? Are you The New Yorker seeking out new voices? Check out my Contact page!

Click on the drag-down menu under Tiny Writing to follow my writing and publishing, process, from beginning to end!


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